About us


I did my university studies at the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Studies of Technical University in Zvolen. I specialized in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Formation.
Later on I followed with a post-gradual study at the Department of Landscape Planning and Design, completed in 2008 in General and Individual Ecology section.
My scientific research is oriented on study of wooden vegetation dynamics and expansion of wooden plants in a landscape, prediction of successive processes on abandoned agricultural structures and tracking the representation of natural and introduced wooden plants in historical and current plotting plans.
I also prepare projects and designs of vegetative and orchard modification focused on creation of private and industrial greenery, landscape revamp and reconstruction of historic park objects. I am a member of International Society of Arboriculture Slovakia and I have recently participated as a co-solver on 4 scientific research projects, three institutional projects and a number of landscape studies. My educational activity is focused on dendrology, landscape dendrology, wooden plants ecology, ecology of urbanised environment and landscape creation.


In our group of four, I am the one who is an active climber and find a great pleasure in mountain walking. I was born in 1981 in Trebišov and I finished my university studies in 2007, specialised in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation. At the moment I work and live in one of the remote settlements in the vicinity of Hriòová town where I participate in development of local area either in form of projects (Friends of Earth) or by self-activity in order to keep indigenous traditions of local region.


I was born in 1974 in Trebišov. I finished my studies in 1997 at the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Studies of Technical University in Zvolen, Department of General Ecology, specialised in Protection of Nature and Landscape as well as in Nature Conservation. I currently work as a teacher – professional assistant at the Department of Landscape Planning and Design. Here I participate in education of subjects aiming at ecology of woods and applied disciplines using woods in the creation of free landscape and urban environment. In my post-graduate studies, finished in 2008, I focused on the issues of representation and status of introduced woods in parks of south-east Slovakia. My further scientific work is dealing with issues of functionality of wooden vegetation within landscape and urban environment as well as the issues of the use and risks of invasive introduced woods. I actively support three NGO’s that work in the area of ecology and youth work. My membership in the International Society of Arboriculture Slovakia is related to my professional concern with wooden plants care, arboriculture and pomology.


I finished my university studies at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, specialising in Environmental Ecology. After my studies I started to work for a public group called Pre Prírodu based in Trenčín that is devoted mainly to practical nature conservation — protected area care in the region of Stredné Považie (Piešťany, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Trenčín). With a great deal of pleasure I resolved partial roles in a NGO from Piešťany called “Živá planéta”. From November 2006 I work as a professional assistant in the Department of Landscape Planning and Design. I study the influence of different forms of agricultural farming on essential parts of agro ecosystems in relation to optimisation of landscape use. My scientific, research and application activities are focused on the issues of agricultural landscape, permacultural design and arboriculture.